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Choose a right sticker for you

Having an idea of getting stickers may just be simple. However, when it gets in to the details, you will be surprised to find out that there are much more than you imagined.

As per our previous posts. You would've realised that there are so much possibilities in stickers. On the other hand, as there are so much posibilities, there are risks as well.

Risks can be something like:

1. Stickers peeling off from products

2. Stickers easily damaged

3. Foil on stickers may melt due to products

4. Stickers not sticking properly on amber bottles or fabrics

5. Window sticker materials get fainted by UV

6. Coatings over stickers may get peeled off

Most of risks are caused when you select a wrong material for your purpose. For instance, When you want to place a sticker on your product or anywhere you want, you should consider sticker material. For example, if you need a stickers to resist against moisture, you should go with vinyl materials.

Also, product labels are usually handled roughly when it's shipped which you may need more durable option where you want to go for vinyl as well.

The standard paper stickers like gloss paper or matt paper stickers are usually used for paper box seal, or on something that may just be removed/disposed easily and quickly.

Various adhesiveness are also available. If you need a sticker that needs to be on fabrics, we can supply 1 to 3 different level of adhesiveness to suit to your needs.

We are experienced sticker manufacturer and designer who can help your idea to become a reality, without risking to have wrong product and go through all the hassles.

We can provide branding design from your vague ideas so feel free to contact us with your ideas and thoughts on any branding, printing:

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