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Paper Abstract

Stock Information

Standard Stock
Texture Stock
Premium Stock

Standard Stock



Available with 250gsm or 300gsm. Multi purpose paper with Matt or Gloss or Velvet coating available. It is semi glossy stock.

Art Papers


Available from 100~200gsm. 

It is designed for flyers, tri-fold brochures and lots of other stationery.

Mojo ( Laser Bond )


Available from 100gsm ~ 220gsm. 

Most cost effective option for office stationery like letterheads, compliment slips or even envelopes and booklets.

Popular Texture Stock

more than 50 different stocks available
If you know the name of the paper you want, we can get it for you

Extra Matt

colorplanBright White.jpeg

Gmund Extra + Lake Paper.

Most popular paper available with all finishes (except Letterpress)

Vellum (Translucent)

Translucent Vellum Paper

Looks like frosted glass. Great for layering over text and images see-through.



Tintoretto is one of the flagship brands among Fedrigoni’s felt-marked papers and a namen synonymous for decades with refinement and elegance.

Gmund - Felt


Soft to the touch, warming to the heart. Produced in a beautifully curated palette, each crafted with a felt finish and designed for the Gmund Colors collection.

Vent Nouveau

gmundCreme Verge Watermarked_edited.jpg

Textured uncoated paper for Luxury stationery. (off white or Snow White)

Extra Linen

linen stock

Gmund + Lake Paper. 350gsm or Thinner.



Which has a luxurious uniform texture, is a pattern that resembles a mermaid scale pattern composed of various colors. (Single side textured)

Old Mill

gmundCreme Verge Watermarked_edited.jpg

An eco-friendly product optimized for all productions with natural texture and excellent printing effect.


sherwood stock

Embossed fancy paper offering various patterns, has precise and elegant leather patterns to provide unique look.

Felt Mark

feltmark stock

Both-side felt marked paper from an exclusive felt for delicate cottony texture in vivid and modern colours.

Popular Premium Stock

If you know the name of the paper you want, we can get it for you

Gmund - Cotton


Cultivated from the land and woven to perfection, Gmund Cotton delivers strength and softness in a single collection. The multiweighted stock is skillfully crafted to perform in any application and thoughtfully designed to serve every occasion.

Gmund - Colors Matt


Vibrant pops of color radiate brilliantly in a celebration of unbounded creativity. Produced in all 48 foundational colors, each crafted with a classic matt finish and designed for the Gmund Colors collection.



Keaykolour’s uncoated virgin pulp papers and high-rigidity boards offer a palette of 48 half-tone colours in nine harmonized families, to complement their refined, natural texture.



Avalable from 335gsm ~ 600gsm. 

Designed for letterpress and luxury printing. 

Choose Off White or Snow White 


inspiration stock

It is a premium color paper with color scheme of comfortable brightness and saturation. The soft touch on the fingertips makes the product stand out by the paper itself.

Eco Grande

eco grande stock

One of the firm paper ranges of Before You Create. The paper quality retains strength while containing air in it allowing various printing techniques. It is characterised by its unique texture and sophisticated colours.

Gmund - Bio Cycle (Wheat)

gmund-biocycle wheat

Paper is made from plant fibers and is compostable, thus providing nutrients to grow new plants. A perfect ecological cycle. 


accoya stock

27 vivid and attractive colours. It is an eco-friendly board made from 100% recycled paper.



Sandwich Stock with seam. 

Red / Orange / Black / Yellow / Blue available.

G . F Smith - Colorplan


30+ Colours available from 175gsm ~ 540gsm.

World famous textured coloured stock.


brilliant stock

Relatively thick fine paper with its own distinctive glossiness. Despite giving the impression of a natural material, it is extremely smooth to the touch.


42433_acrylic_sheet_clear_large copy.jpg

3 or 5mm Acrylic.

Any Shapes & Full Colour Printing or Foil.

(Custom colurs can be made to order)

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