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Series of Papers: Coated

The coating on papers is normally done on standard artboards, silk boards and snow papers.

Coatings can be separated into two categories: gloss and matt. Matt lamination is the process which we put matt film on the paper so that it has silk feel over the surface. Gloss coating is usually a gloss spray coating which gives high gloss finish on the paper.

The advantages of having a coating on the card:

- It gives protection over the paper so they are widely used for a menu or something that requires a minimal level of waterproofing.

- It gives a modern feel. The texture and look is silky or glossy which gives a modern look of the paper

- It lasts longer than raw papers. The coated paper gets protected by the coatings and dirt. Also, the coatings hold the paper to be straight so it lasts longer than raw papers.

The disadvantages of coatings on the card:

- Colour variation: Since the coating needs to be done after the printing, the colours gets dull with matt lamination and darker with gloss lamination

- It loses the original texture of the card

- It is not eco-friendly

The coated papers are widely used for companies with a modern theme and restaurant menus.

If you want to know more about the papers, just leave a comment or leave us an email :)

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