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Finish Information

Gloss Lamination


Glossy lamination is also a common lamination that uses a shiny, clear layer of plastic to enrich printing. It basically gives your product a lustrous, glass-like appearance, which in turn enhances the color of your artwork.

Matt Lamination


Matte lamination produces a sleek plus professional finishing on your printed items. In addition, it’s non-reflective surface gives your product a more natural and elegant feel.

Soft Touch Lamination (Velvet)


Soft Touch Lamination is neither 100% matte or glossy, Instead, it gives your paper products a nice velvety, smooth and silky appearance.

Foil Finish

rose paper.jpg

Most common and efficient finish upon your print works. Available with : 

Gold / Silver / Rose Gold / Bronze / Hologram / Red / Clear etc. ( Matt foil available )

Spot UV Finish

clear spot uv_edited.jpg

Spot UV is available with matt laminated, 300gsm Art board. It provides spot glossy effect on certain parts you want.

Die Cutting

Die-cut Cards-2

Any shape is fine. If  you don't have any die line set up, we'll make it for you.

Laser Marking ( Engraving ) 

laser marking.png

Laser marking is another application of laser cutting technology that gives you engraved texts / patterns.

Emboss & Deboss Finish


Pushing cards from the back of the card to  give a special effect on what you want to emphasize.

Epoxy Finish


A.K.A Verko / Raised finish. Unlike spot UV, it's available for textured, raw papers only it's  more raised the spot UV and it has its own bubbly effect.

Round Corners


Traditional 4 to 8mm round corner is available.

Duplex & Triplex


Duplex and Triplex paper technique is the procedure of machine bonding two or three layers of paper together to form a thicker paper. The final product is inflexible since it has a duple or triple thickness of a simple paper.



Traditional way of press available with thick stocks. Blind pressing and  Pantone letterpress is available.

Scodix Finish


Also know as 3D Spot UV finish.  It provides lot more texture on the spot you want than Spot UV. Available with : Gold / Light Gold / Red / Blue / Clear 

Laser Cutting


If you want something different from others, Laser cutting will give you one with detailed cutting and shapes. 

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