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Special Finishes of Printing : Foil

There are a lot of different ways to customize your print works. Firstly, we'd like to introduce you the famous 'Foil Finish'.

Foil finishing can be distinguished with two different ways of printing :

1. Digital Foil

2. Foil Stamping

The digital foil is basically like just printing. If you put the data into the program and use the digital foiling machine, it puts the foil as per the data you put onto the paper. This method is useful for those who needs the foil job done with 1 or 2 copies.

The disadvantage of the Digital Foil is that it doesn't last long. It easily falls from the paper and there are limitations of the papers that you can use ( thin ones only )

The Foil Stamping ( way Before You Create use ) is on the other hand, is the traditional way of doing the foil. It involves plate, films, stamping machine and heat! The foil film ( whether it's metallic or powder film ) is melted with the heat of the plate and stamped onto the paper.

The Foil stamping is the quality-guaranteed way of doing foil finish on every papers. The pressure involved while stamping ensures that foil stays on after a long time. The beauty of foil stamping is that it gives a little impression towards the paper so when you touch them you can actually feel the indentation with it !

The foil finish is the most famous, cost effective and efficient finish if you care about your printed goods.

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