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Special Finishes of Printing : Emboss

Emboss finish is simply a printing technique that push a certain part of the artwork on print works from the back to make it pop up from the front.

The technique though is not as simple as it sounds. First of all, you've got to make male and female plate for the artwork that you want to emboss. then you lay the paper upon the plates and press.

The embossed finish is recommended upon raw paper materials, with fair thickness like 350gsm Extra Matt or 330gsm Tintoretto. Since we push a certain part, if the paper is around 120~200gsm, the embossed area may not stand out as much as you expect.

The beauty of the emboss finish sparkles when it comes to 'blind embossing' which you just emboss the paper without any color printing like below photo.

The finishes are all done AFTER the printing so there is a risk of misalignment especially when you have color printing + finish on the same area / near area. Such blind embossing or sole finish on papers won't have such a problem.

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