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Special Finishes of Printing: Epoxy / Raised Finish

The Epoxy finish, a.k.a. Raised or Verko printing is all giving a similar look, spot glossy, but more popping up than the spot UV finish. This finish is ONLY available with raw paper stocks that is like Extra Matt, Linen, Tintoretto, Soft cushion etc. the way we do the finish is using the rosin powder.

Before the ink dries out permanently, we sprinkles the rosin powder upon where it's specified to be raised then put them into the machine to melt them. it gives the perfect raised and glossy look over the area. The uniqueness of this finish is that it has bubbly effect when its done upon larger area.

If you are looking to get textured papers along with special finish, the Epoxy / Raised finish will definitely be your option.

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