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Series of stocks: Intro

Printing is always be don on something whether it's on papers or plastics or acrylics. All of those materials that can have printing on affects to your identity when you hand it out to somebody. For example, if your branding is luxury and vintage, you'd want to print them on a textured stock with simple finish. The printing materials matter because that's the 'touch' of your branding.

The importance of stocks does not only applies on the 'touch' but also on looks. The glossy, matte, raw look of the papers will imply who you are, what you do. To make the right choice, you may have to consider how it looks and feels like but as well as cost effectiveness.

This is why we've categorised and listed the stocks on our website. There are lots of different stocks with textures and smooth coated available for different costings so just let us know and we'll make the hard parts easy for you.

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