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Series of stocks: Importance of a stock

When you see a printed material, the very first thing you notice is the design. That's why a branding is so much important. However, when you hold the printer goods whether it's simple business cards or fancy booklet, you feel its identity through the paper you are holding.

You may feel that the paper stock itself is not that much important compared to the printing techniques or design. Nonetheless, the paper itself is crucial to the identity of a business as much as its logo. There are five senses for human beings: sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. The stocks deal with 'touch' of the branding.

When you select a paper or a material for your printing, you must be very careful. It's not only because it represents the branding but there are limitations on print techniques for the types of papers you choose. For example, you cannot do laser cutting on a paper that is laminated. It's because the lamination will be curled by the heat of the laser.

Even though you've got to consider many things before you choose a stock, the most important factor that you have to bring along with branding design and printing process is your preference. It will be too vague if you have no preference of a 'style' that you like with the material. As long as you know what you like, Before You Create & Print will make a design and recommend you the materials that can go well with your branding.

Don't panic, there will always be a help for you.

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