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How to work with designers

Design is a such creative work that some people even afraid of. Those who are creative and know how to speak through visual effects runs the businesses for those who do is not capable of visualise their ideas.

To work with designers, design agencies who creates brand identity, you have to be specific and confident about your ideas. The designers get impressions from your words. Thus, you have to express yourself very clearly. A vague explanation or abstraction of the brand won't be helpful.

First of all, to speak clearly, you need to specify the strongest characteristic of your product or service you are providing. It can either be something like 'eco-friendly' or like 'simple and easy'. The more detail you give, the better.

Sometimes, you'd feel the fonts and colours that designers provide may not right. As there are more than millions of different colour combination and thousands of different fonts available, you can generally specify 'neat and clear font with black and white' or 'cursive writing with light green background' then we'll come up with a few options for you to decide.

It is okay to change your mind, creating something from your idea isn't easy and it could be different from what you had imagined until you see the actual piece of result.

Don't be afraid being creative and don't be afraid of tell your stories. We are here to hear, help and maximise the visualisation of your ideas.

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