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How to 'Create' your own identity

We're living in an instant world. Everything we're facing today is now all mobilised and they're all instant. For example, you can easily upload what you like or what you've done on Instagram with only a few touches. With this culture, creating a logo, which is basically your business's identity has to be eye-catching and straight forward. Otherwise, it'd just be 'scrolled down'.

If you'd like to tell somebody about yourself, you've got to know who you are. Branding works the same way. To tell your clients/potential clients about your business clearly, you need to know what sort of business you are and the what differentiates you from competitors.

As for designer, it's always easier and more straight forward to create something when clients tell us about the 'Vision' and what message they want to delivery through their branding.

If you know what you want to do for your customers, tell us your story, what you want to achieve through your logo and print works and we will make those ideas into reality.

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