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Series of Papers - Raw Papers: Environment-friendly papers

When you see around you, you'd see lots of different sorts of papers. We can categorise paper types into two different boxes. One as Treated and another as Raw. Those treated papers are normally art boards, matt or gloss laminated papers which are not that environment-friendly. On the other hand, those papers are raw are environment-friendly.

The papers we use in raw paper ranges are all FSC ( Forest Stewardship Council) certified papers which are normally recycled/partially recycled/recyclable.

The advantages of using raw paper are:

You can contribute to the environment

It gives you beautiful texture

It works with various different finishes(Foil, Emboss, Letterpress, Raised etc.)

You can write on the card with any types of pen

Watercolour/Pastel tone works well

Once you have it, you'll be so attached to them!

Tintoretto Gesso

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