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Special Finishes of Printing : Laser cutting

The beauty of printing is that you can always customise your business cards, invitations, compliment cards, post cards and so on.

Apart from foils, emboss and all the other finishes, laser cutting gives you limitless customisation.

For example, lace pattern cut around invitation cards, cut through name of a business cards, greeting cards etc.

Laser cutting provides detailed cuts and elegant look over the print work. All you've got to remember is that the burnt mark will be left around the laser cut area as it's burning the paper. The advantage of having laser cut is that you can have detailed shape that's not supported by the die cutting process. It can go much detailed patterns and shapes so pretty much what you can think will be come true.

Laser cutting is available from thin papers like 120gsm and up to 600gsm. However, you may want to stick up to 450gsm at the thickest since you will have much more burnt marks with thicker papers which will involve extensive time exposed to heat of laser.

If you are trying to get an extraordinary business cards or invite or even a post cards that may inspire your clients, try laser cutting and it will give you more than just a satisfaction.

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